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Overview of internet satisfaction and availability in North Carolina

North Carolina has more internet providers spread out from the frigid mountains to the feet-burning shores than you can shake a stick at. AT&T and Spectrum are your top providers, offering fast fiber internet complemented by DSL (AT&T) or cable (Spectrum) internet. If you want superfast speeds, Google Fiber reaches up to 5Gbps in The Triangle and Charlotte. Other options include Verizon and T-Mobile 5G Home internet, HughesNet and Viasat satellite internet, and DSL internet from Kinetic, Brightspeed, and Frontier.

Internet providers received an average satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars from customers in North Carolina.

That ranks North Carolina 29th nationwide for internet customer satisfaction.

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Internet customer satisfaction in North Carolina

 3.7/5 average customer satisfaction rating
 29th national ranking for customer satisfaction

$69.73 average price per payment for internet, per household

84.7% of the time, advertised speeds meet household needs

3.7/5 average customer service rating of internet services

3.6/5 average reliability rating of services state-wide

10,807,491 people

2.62 average people per household

$56,341 average income per household

43 average age per household

54% of population employed


7% higher than national average

Ranked 3rd nationally


4% lower than national average

Ranked 35th nationally


9% higher than national average

Ranked 42nd nationally


7% higher than national average

Ranked 9th nationally

Average download speed
123 Mbps

8.1% lower than national average
Ranks 29th nationally

Average upload speed
47.2 Mbps

29.49% lower than national average
Ranks 32nd nationally
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Fastest internet providers in North Carolina

Provider Avg download speed Avg upload speed Availability Order online
Google Fiber 217.42 Mbps 177.82 Mbps 58.92%
Ting 211.3 Mbps 182.36 Mbps 46.18% View Plans for Ting
Hotwire Communications 205.72 Mbps 92.25 Mbps 50% View Plans for Hotwire Communications
MetroNet 195.68 Mbps 186.2 Mbps 52.22% View Plans for MetroNet
88% of people in North Carolina have access to 100Mbps or faster broadband, ranking 41st nationally.

Internet by tech type

Internet tech type Avg download speed % of people with access % availability Learn more
5G Home 267.33 Mbps 86.25% 99.41% See all providers
Cable 934.34 Mbps 86.45% 91.29% See all providers
DSL 371.52 Mbps 67.85% 83.45% See all providers
Fiber 2971.71 Mbps 71.56% 73.74% See all providers
Fixed Wireless 87.86 Mbps 21.19% 65.87% See all providers
LTE Home 99 Mbps 46.28% 99% See all providers
Satellite 98.96 Mbps 87.81% 100% See all providers

Best cities for internet in North Carolina

Cities in North Carolina with the fastest internet

City Avg download speed Avg upload speed Fiber availability Fastest provider
Kannapolis 254.3 Mbps 32.15 Mbps 55% Hotwire Communications
Burlington 234.29 Mbps 51.73 Mbps 48% North State Communications
Morrisville 224.46 Mbps 140.74 Mbps 70% Google Fiber
Huntersville 190.85 Mbps 101.12 Mbps 78% AT&T
Havelock 188.68 Mbps 15.54 Mbps 63% Spectrum
Smithfield 187.74 Mbps 20.05 Mbps 79% Spectrum
Harrisburg 187.22 Mbps 27.74 Mbps 57% Spectrum

Kannapolis is the best city in North Carolina for internet, shooting to the top of the list thanks to a combination of record-setting average download speeds, wide fiber-optic internet availability, and the presence of a reliable and well-rated internet provider. Burlington and Morrisville also earn top rankings, according to our data.

The most connected cities in North Carolina

City Population Percent with access to high speed internet Percent with access to fiber internet Percent with access to 3+ providers
Charlotte 923,655 100% 100% 100%
Raleigh 555,041 100% 100% 100%
Greensboro 330,277 100% 100% 100%
Winston-Salem 229,338 100% 100% 100%
Durham 294,960 100% 100% 100%
Asheville 134,341 100% 100% 100%
Fayetteville 246,145 100% 100% 100%
Cary 156,204 100% 100% 100%

Charlotte is the most internet-connected city in North Carolina. Charlotte makes it to the top of the list due to the high number of its residents who have access not only to high-speed internet, but also to fiber internet specifically. A large number of Charlotte's residents also have access to three or more internet providers—an uncommon number of options compared to the rest of the state. Raleigh and Greensboro also make it to the top of our list.

Top cities in North Carolina


Population: 923,655

Median income: $72,619

137.27 Mbps
avg. download speed

57.83 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP


Population: 555,041

Median income: $74,737

166.32 Mbps
avg. download speed

90.73 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP


Population: 330,277

Median income: $68,792

167.25 Mbps
avg. download speed

56.07 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP
Cogent Communication

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Methodology relies on proprietary and exclusive data to analyze the customer and provider trends presented on this page. We analyze millions of results from our speed test tool to determine average statewide speeds, fastest speeds, and availability. Our annual customer satisfaction survey provides us with data for developing the satisfaction rating. We also draw from data provided to us directly by internet providers to determine available tech types and average speeds.

North Carolina FAQs

Is Spectrum available in my area?

Spectrum is probably available where you live. Most older neighborhoods have Spectrum’s cable internet, while newer ones may have Spectrum’s fiber-to-the-home internet service. You won’t know which internet type you’ll get until you call to order service. The plans are the same for fiber and cable, only fiber has symmetrical (equal) speeds, and cable doesn’t.

What are the best internet providers in North Carolina?

Earthlink is the best national provider in North Carolina for overall customer satisfaction based on our annual survey. You’ll find it wherever AT&T offers fiber and DSL internet, which ranks fourth in our survey for overall satisfaction. Verizon (5G Home) ranks second on our list, followed by Spectrum (cable and fiber).

On a regional level, Google Fiber ranks highest in our survey, followed by T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

What internet is available at my address?

The only way to find out what type of internet you have at your address is to use our zip check tool to discover all the providers in your area and then supply your street address to the provider you choose. But, if you see traditional cable TV lines in your home, you likely have access to cable internet. DSL internet uses telephone lines, and fiber uses Ethernet and thin fiber cables.

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